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Why Cancer?

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Zimbabwe. There are no subsidized treatment costs for marginalized cancer patients and so without support, they have little to no hope. The Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust provides support to marginalized cancer patients by assisting them with Dr's consultation fees, some prescription costs, school fees for one child per family and provides them with practical, nutritional tools for better health. An example of the latter is the provision of monthly food hampers sponsored by Probrands Foods Zimbabwe.

We have started our work in the high density area of Hatcliffe, Harare because this is where 99% of our applications for assistance came from. Hatcliffe is located approximately 10 miles (16 km) North-East of Harare. ​

A high density area is a housing area where there are many houses in one space to accommodate many people.​ Hatcliffe equates to one of the areas where a majority of the population are low income earners.

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