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What We Do

The ECCT was formed in 2011and in 2013, we launched the Sponsor a Cancer Patient campaign. We are supporting four marginalized families affected by cancer. All of the patients and/or their families that we work with are unemployed due to ill health and/or stigmatization; have no extended support; have children or siblings who are unable to gain education due to financial lack; have insufficient income for medical-related needs; and/or have insufficient shelter, food,clothing and blankets.

From 2013, we started providing each cancer patient/their family with: payment for one child's school fees, uniform and shoes; help with monthly prescription costs; Doctor’s consultations; food hampers provided by Probrands, Zimbabwe; assistance with better shelter; donations of clothing and blankets. 


Please read each patient's profile below to see what we have assisted them with so far. 


Please note that the following patients below have now passed away:

- Virimayi (we still support his mother, who lives alone in Hatcliffe).

- Sipelile (we still support her son Tapiwa (see his image below).

- Fiyosi.


32 years old


Virimayi was diagnosed with a cancerous mass on his jaw in 2007. The cancer has destroyed the right side of his jaw, including his teeth on the same side. He was single and lived with his mother and 13 year old sister.


Sadly Virimayi passed away in 2014. Below is an excerpt of his story from when he was alive. We still continue to support his mother with food hampers.

Virimayi: "I should be the breadwinner of the family, but due to my illness - which led to my unemployment -  we now live in terrible conditions. My mother is ageing and ill, and my sister is still so young. I missed a vital operation in February 2012 because I could not pay the required costs."


To read more about his sad passing away please click here now.


So far we have assisted Virimayi's family with monthly food hampers donated by Probrands Foods and paid for his sister, Tanyaradzwa, to return to school for two terms in 2013.


In May 2013, we assisted Virimayi to get the jaw mass removed from his face by paying for some of his hospital costs. 


Read about and see his journey by clicking here.


We are in need of donations for better shelter and monthly food hampers for Virimayi's mother. Virimayi's mother is pictured below with Founder Teurai (middle) and ECCT Volunteer Portia.







28 years old


Prince was diagnosed with plasma cytoma - a type of cancer which starts in the white blood cells. So far, we have assisted with payment of medications which he needs for 3 months.


We are in need of donations to help with medications and food hampers for the family.

16 years old

Yvonne is a 16 year old girl, who lives in Hatclife Extension, in Harare. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2012. She underwent treatment at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

Unfortunately the doctors could not do much to help her and decided to discharge her so she could undergo Palliative care from her home.


However, her family did not give up on her and kept hope that she would recover. Yvonne recovered fully!


She is currently going to school at Jairos Jiri Centre, Harare; she is now able to walk on her own and talk very well - whereas previously she could not.


The Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust have decided to help her with any funds they can contribute towards her school fees and food.



40 years old

Sipelile was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in February 2012. She is married and has three children: Simba (10); Tapiwa (14) and Tafadzwa (16).


Sadly Sipelile passed away from complications with her cervical cancer in 2014, but we still continue to support her son Tapiwa with school fees and the family with food hampers.


RIP Sipelile. To read more about her sad passing away click here now.








9 years old

Ethel who is the young girl in the photo is 9 years old and in Grade 3 at Chamabondo Primary School, Victoria Falls. Her father passed away from cancer and she is now cared for by her Aunt Lucy.


We started supporting her with school fees from September 2017. She speaks four languages too: Shona, Ndebele, English and Chinese! 


In the image above she is with ECCT Field Officer Francis.

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